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Hear What Real Clients Have To Say

Whether this Music Portrait for healing and wellness is for you or as a unique gift for someone else, it will be an experience that will be appreciated and remembered.

Testimonial w/ Audio Sample

I had a very positive experience having my Music Portrait done. During our live session, Rick was professional, conscientious, and gentle. He made me feel immediately at ease with his kindness and care, and talked me through the process before beginning to play the piano.

When Rick began playing my Music Portrait, I felt an amazing energy and aliveness in my system. The music truly felt like a representation of my essence! What an extraordinary gift to be “seen” and “heard” through music in this way. I have never experienced anything else like it, and I am so moved and affected.

From beginning to end, the whole experience was calming, soothing, uplifting, and healing. What an incredible gift to give yourself or a loved one!

Sophie Lippert - Concert pianist, entrepreneur, and teacher.


Wanted to say that Rick’s work with Music Portraits is amazing! As a licensed acupuncturist, I am regularly introduced to new and different healing approaches. Rick’s Music Portrait work is by far one of the most moving! And it was so easy! I just sat down and listened to the most beautifully composed music, just for me. My energy moved quickly…straight away I felt more balanced, relaxed, and clear headed. Thank you Rick for your beautiful gifts of music and healing.
Leslie Deems - Licensed acupuncturist

Where a painting captures what you look like on the outside, Erlien’s compositions convey inner beauty. Upon request he will even give you feedback on a personal quality he picks up from your presence. The results might surprise you or reaffirm ideas you already have. From my own session with Erlien, those close to me noticed I seemed significantly more optimistic and confident afterwards
Cori Wilbur

Testimonial w/ Audio Sample

The first couple of minutes were startling, almost like catching a reflection in a window you weren’t anticipating. It was haunting and drew me in. Then midway I had all those images of Brittany, which also had the same grip on me – as if I recognized it.

The ending seemed like something I’ve yet to experience, almost like a glimpse of the future.

Melody Phaneuf - Artist


You could go to a painter and have a visual portrait done of what you look like. This is a unique opportunity to go to a professional musician and have an original Music Portrait of who you are, your essence captured in music, intuitively composed and played live for you on the piano. This isn’t just a capturing of what you look like, this is a capturing of your essence using sound healing, and creates personal insight, growth, and healing as a result.
Cori Wilbur