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What Do I Get With A Session?

Each portrait session includes two different pieces recorded for you. You will be emailed audio file copies of a Music Portrait, unique to you.

Rick will also offer you during your session the option to give you verbal feedback of what he see's, hears and perceives.

What Is A Music Portrait?

The way he does portraits, is a little different than you might think. Instead of a paint canvas, he uses a grand piano.

What Erlien does is a unique opportunity to go to a professional musician and have an original Music Portrait of who you are, your essence captured in music, intuitively composed and played for you on a Yamaha concert C3 grand piano.

How Long Is A Music Session?
1 session includes a 45 minute Music Portrait experience with Rick Erlien.

You will experience 2 different impromptu compositions of your essence captured in music while in a private live stream.

How To Prepare For Your Session?

On the day of your session, you’ll be provided a streaming link in which you’ll be face to face with composer Rick Erlien. Prior to your session, he will determine if zoom or an alternative streaming service will be used.

You will be asked to bring headphones as it's the best way to experience your session. However, it's not necessary.

During the stream, after a small chat of getting to know one another, Rick will begin composing and recording your impromptu composition.

Why Buy Multiple Sessions?

When a person comes back for a follow-up session, their portrait sounds vastly different. This shows just how powerful and effective even one session with Erlien is. Where a painting captures what you look like on the outside, Erlien’s compositions convey inner beauty.

Upon request, he will even give you feedback on a personal quality he picks up from your presence. The results might surprise you or reaffirm ideas you already have. From your session with Erlien, those closest to you will notice you seem significantly more optimistic and confident afterwards.

It is recommended this package be used within 6 weeks for the full potential of experiencing the powerful benefits.

Enjoy The Visuals of Music

The following videos provide endless patterns and limitless possibilities. Sit back and relax while the ocean provides you an escape from the sensory overload of society. Let me my music take you to another realm where you can find peace and serenity for a moment in time.